Thursday, May 01, 2008

Andalucia hiking day 3: Mecina->Capileira

This was a pretty short day.

We start with a better-than-usual breakfast (because of the good bread and home-made orange marmelade at l'Atelier). After saying goodbye to Jean Claude and picking up an extra loaf of the bread (to have something better than a stale Spanish baguette with our lunch!), we head up and out of town to Pitres (1245m).

After walking through Pitres it is only a few minutes up to Capilerilla (1305m), a very teeny town (as the name indicates). There we see (or at least notice) our first real example of the streets covered by porches that are typical in the region. Out of town and up through orchards to a ridge topped with rocks (~1600m) that have a great view up the valley over the towns of Bubion and Capileira. Here we encounter our first real quantities of tourists. Guess there must be day trips suggested up to this point from Bubion and deliveries of people by the busload because there are hordes streaming up the path. We enjoy a couple of minutes of solitude and then head down the path to Bubion (1299m).

After fighting our way through the crowds in Bubion, we move on to Capileira (1432m), which is also crowded but not quite so badly. After a lunch break and nap, Greg's stomach is a mess, so he lazes around the rest of the afternoon while Andrea wanders through town some more.

After a pretty sad meal in the hotel restaurant (it was already paid for), we head off to bed.
Flowers in Capileira

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