Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pratteln->Basel St. Jakob

It was a nice (well, nice for the season at least) day, so we did another little "do it yourself" tour of the area.

We took the train to Pratteln, then walked to Adlerhof, Schauenburg Bad, and Schoenmatt, past the Raengersmatt, around the Chlosterchoepfli to the Ruetihardbruecke (cool wooden bridge across the Birs). We then walked along the Birs, past the St. Jakob stadium and took the tram home.

Total trip time: a bit over three hours, including lunch. We did this fairly quickly and took no photos.

Noteworthy: there are a couple of nice-looking biking/rollerblading trails near the Birs.

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