Sunday, July 26, 2015

Up to the Wasserflue the adventurous way

We've been to the Wasserflue a couple of times, today we took more of a blue-white route.

After a short train/bus ride, we get out at Benkerjoch Passhöhe and then walk down through the woods to the valley floor near near Fischbach. On the way down we catch sight of the Alps (the Wetterhorn region) through the haze in the distance. We follow the marked hiking path for a short distance and then turn off path and head up towards the ridge and Herrenmatt. Through the woods, past some highland cows, past an old trail sign, and then we're on the ridge, on a well used trail, following blue markers up, up.
This gets progressively more interesting and scrambly as we go up, it's a nice bit of T4/T5 hiking. The last bit, which comes too quickly, takes us up through a chimney, then through a last bit of bush and over the railing onto the platform of the Wasserflue (we get the expected strange looks from the people already there). The views of the Alps are quite good, it's a bit hazy but most everything is visible from Alpstein to past the Bluemlisalp group.

After a bit of admiring the views, we head off along the ridge (lots of people around now), past the restaurant at Salhöhe and further along the ridge towards the Geissflue, stopping for a lunch break at the at the highest point in Canton Aargau (amusing gipfelbuch here). From Geissflue the path takes us down, down, along the road a bit, past an observatory where they've brought out the telescope for some event (too bad it's overcast now!), past the very playful and friendly dog at Fluhberg, and down to Zeglingen. We have a cool beverage and then grab the bus/train back to Basel.

This was a nice hike; the blue-white bit was great fun (though too short). It's fun to have stuff like this more or less in our back yard. :-)

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