Sunday, June 07, 2015

A morning at Pelzli

The forecast was dodgy, so we decided to just do a bit of climbing. Off to Pelzli!
We got an early start, so we were at the rocks by 9; the first ones there aside from the couple who had spent the night.

We started in sektor Bärenwirt and did the routes Nordwand (5a) and Moser Kante (5c), both lead, and then top roped Westwand (6a). On to Höfli. The route on the edge, Höflikante, says 4c in the book, but it looked like a lot more than that. Andrea gave it a try but decided not to push too hard. At this point greg's gut was bothering him, so he stopped climbing. We went down to Rechenschieber where Andrea did Rechenschieber (4c, both pitches) and then around the corner to the Höfli Exit, where Andrea tried Föhrenweg (5b). After falling and banging her ankle she also stopped. Greg went up to finish the route and get the gear out, but this hardly counts because he was doing it to just finish the route and making use of the quickdraws as grips. :-)

After a quick lunch we headed back to Basel. This is a nice place to do a mornings climbing. We hardly saw anyone until we were on our way out and there was sufficient shade to protect us from the coming heat.

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