Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ruins above Aesch

A walk to take advantage of the nice Sunday weather and go visit a castle that we've seen from the train a bunch of times.

We start at the train station in Aesch, walk up through town, and then follow the Chlusbach until we get to the vineyards. There's some kind of event going on somewhere on the hill above us, so we have an alp horn soundtrack for this first bit. Along the vineyards we go, past a couple wineries, and then a turn up the hill on the Burgengratweg. This lives up to it's name: it takes us along the ridge and past some (ruined) castles.
vineyards above Aesch
The first is Schalberg, next comes Engenstein, then M├╝nchsberg (not really anything to see of this one), then a bit more walking (and some lunch) before we hit Pfeffingen. This is a larger ruin that's clearly visible from the train tracks below. Unfortunately for us today, they started a renovation project in May, so most of it is closed. hrmph.

From Pfeffingen we head down, through the town of Pfeffingen, and then back to Aesch and the train back home.

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