Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vacation Japan: the beginning

Arrive at Narita, go to Hotel in Shibuya, leave bags without checking in, walk (very hot) to get lunch at Nagi Ramen place (an adventure), walk around Shibuya on roundabout ways back to hotel, check in, rest, nap;
In the evening: walk through the Shibuya madness and love-hotel-hill towards the Yoyogi park, walk back (as it closes at nightfall), enjoy snacks and drink at Japanese pub without any English on the menu, walk through department store, check out food in basement, back to hotel, all in a yet-lag-culture-shock-daze.
ordering machine at Ramen restaurant
Morning: Senso-ji in Asakusa, walk through Asakusa along small lanes, get cucumber on a stick, walk through Ueno park, look at temples (Kiyomizu Kannon temple and Toshogu shrine), feel very hot, long and hot march on indirect route towards another recommended Raman place, give up and take metro, fail to find place, back to Shibuya to have lunch at restaurant in mall, rest and nap;
Afternoon/evening: take metro to Shinjuku, walk underground to town hall, go up to top floor for overview of Tokyo, is getting dark already, walk around some more in Shinjuku, have dinner in back-alley at Nagi Ramen after waiting in line in dark alley (rickety stairways up to 1st floor), walk around some more, back to hotel.
Morning: fishmarket, other market next to fishmarket, back to Shibuya, lunch at other Nagi Raman place, back to hotel for rest and planning, buying train tickets;
Afternoon: walk around Roppongi, along towards Eiffel Tower thingy, back to Shibuya, get cash money (not enough), in evening walk around Shibuya some more, have dinner at Tonkatsu place, back to hotel for packing and trip planning.
Tokyo fishmarket
take train from Shinjuku to Matsumoto, buy onigiri for lunch in station, take little train to Shinshimashima, change to bus for Kamikochi, drive into mountains, arrive at Kamikochi at ~2 pm, cloudy, find hotel, marvel at japanese stile room, wander around, try to buy lunch stuff, ask some questions, plan some more, experience Japanese hot bath, relax and rest, have elaborate dinner, go to bed.
our room in the Nishi-Itoya Mountain Lodge
first couple of dinner courses

Wednesday to Wednesday:
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Thursday to Sunday:
see Vacation Japan: the end post

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