Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hiking in Abruzzo: travel to Barisciano

We get up super early and bike to the train station since it's too early for trams. 4:40 train to the Zurich airport, flight to Rome (airport crowded! chaotic!), train to Roma Tiburtina station (big! empty! not finished!), grab sandwich, bus to l'Acquila (earthquake damage still very apparent), bus to Barisciano, we're there!

Of course we arrive during the siesta, so nothing is open. We wander around the small town (not too much there, some earthquake damage obvious, plenty of reconstruction), sit on a bench on the piazza for a while, find an open cafe/pizzeria/bar and have a coffee, then call our B&B and go check in. We're in a fancy, nicely renovated old big house/villa. Quick nap, some shopping for lunch stuff, and a bit more wandering and then back to the pizzeria/bar/cafe for dinner (the only option open in town).
B&B Palazzo la Loggia
After a good pizza, it's off to sleep to recover from the early start and get ready for the walking.

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