Monday, February 18, 2013

Two days over Thusis: Day two

We wake to lovely cloud-free blue skies. Excellent! After a nice breakfast we head to the train station and grab a bus to Ober Tschappina (stress on the first syllable! the bus driver will look at you funny if you put it elsewhere). It's a real pleasure to put on sunscreen in the bus. :-)

From the bus stop we follow a forest road off towards the Glaspass. After a few minutes of enjoying walking in the sun we head off on a nice path which leads us up through the woods towards the pass. At the pass we pick up a winter hiking path up towards the ridge. After a bit of this the snowshoe trail heads up and off to the left; we put on the snowshoes and follow. Some climbing later, we're up top and enjoying the views. After a couple pictures we continue along the ridge, head steeply down, and then through the rolling land to the saddle. The snow really makes the rolling, bumpy landscape fun. From the saddle we start climbing again, up, up to the Lüschgrat. It's a bit surprising to see the top of a lift from there, but we take a few steps back and enjoy the sun and views with a quick lunch break.
After lunch we head down again (ah, ridge hikes) until we reach the Bischolpass. Around the bump at p2056 and then up, up again to the Tguma. Another short break to eat a bit and enjoy the views and then we head down for real. Heading down through deep snow with snowshoes is fun. :-) After some descent we end up back on a prepared winter hiking path. We wend our way down, through a small ski area, until we end up just above Unter Tschappina. Another short break on a bench in the sun (we've got time to kill) and then down to the houses to see if we can find somewhere to sit and wait for the bus. Of course the only restaurant in town is closed for the winter, so we find a sunny spot in the sun and hang out until the bus comes and we start the long trip back to Basel.

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