Saturday, August 18, 2012

Visperterminen to Gspon via the Ochsehorn

The forecast promised cloudless skies and hot weather, so the priority was to go up! up! :-)

We started with a true Andrea special: Train to Visp, bus to Visperterminen, and then immediate climbing. At first we go through town, then on a path past a series of small shrines, into the woods past more shrines, past the chapel, always heading up. I guess the combination of the low altitude (thick air!) and lack of other people to worry about gives us an extra kick, because we end up moving pretty quickly: the first 600m of climb to Giw are done in an hour. We don't see anyone else on the way (seems like everyone takes the chairlift). Past Giw we follow the path/road up through the somewhat ugly ski resort area until we reach the Gibidumpass. Up here there are some people around. Up to the ridge, and then following the trail/traces of a trail. At the little peak at p.2587 we stop to enjoy the great views and to have a lunch break. Since we've got plenty of time, we stretch out for a bit and enjoy a quick post-lunch nap (ahhhh what luxury!) before continuing along the ridge. After p.2611 the path gets rocky, thought it's still really easy to follow up to the last bits of climb to the Ochsehorn, which are somewhat scrambly and require a bit of path finding (though it's hard to go wrong when the goal is "go up!"). At the top we find a quiet rock outcrop to sit on, have a snack, and enjoy the views.

From the peak we follow traces of a trail across to the peak at the top of the Wyssgrat and then turn to follow the ridge itself downwards to the West. Nice combined grass, block, gravel walking down to the viewpoint out over Gspon at 2370m. We're both really grateful for the breeze... it's getting HOT. From the viewpoint it's along the (not always well marked) trail until we hit Gspon itself, where we find our restaurant/hotel, have a cool beverage, take showers, enjoy a good meal, and then make a night of it.


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