Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jura snowshoeing: Im Holz -> Grenchen

A day trip to take advantage of the sun and snow in the Jura.

We started with a bit of an Andrea special: after getting off the train we immediately started climbing. The relatively gentle climb took us out of town, then up through the woods along a well-trodden road. It's good going without the snowshoes and it's great to be outside walking. The temperature isn't too bad (-5 C) and because we're going uphill on the sunny side and there's no wind it ends up feeling quite warm. Along the way we have what would be nice views of the Alps, but it's too hazy (hochnebel) between us and them to see much of anything. Just above Schauenburg we put on the snowshoes and the path takes us more steeply up through the woods until we hit the ridge. Here we discover that it's actually quite windy and, as we walk directly into the wind and swirling snow, -5 C no longer seems warm at all! We're both very happy when we reach Althüsli, where we stop for lunch (too cold for lunch outside) and to warm up.

After lunch we head back west (yay! wind in our backs!). The path takes us up to the Stallberg and then we follow the ridge along the Stallflue (we've been here before under very different conditions), then a very nice path on the ridge through the woods before heading across the meadow over the Wandflue towards Obergrenchenberg. From here we had to Untergrenchenberg, down another nice path through the woods to Stierenberg (looks like fun sledding!), then along a forest road (more great sledding!) to Grenchen itself and the train back home.

The hochnebel kept us from having the fantastic Alp views we should have had, but it was still a nice sunny day on the snowshoes.

And the track:

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