Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in the Fideriser Heuberge: Day 3

Today when we woke up we could actually see the mountains on the other side of the valley, crazy! After breakfast we decide to head up to the Glattwang and then from there down to Janaz.

The way up starts with the same crappy visibility we have been enjoying for the past couple of days, the only real difference is that we actually have a bit of a view in the distance. After some light climbing in the cold (-11C!) we get tired of not being able to see our feet and decide to cancel the last bit of climb and to just head down. Some very nice navigation work by Andrea gets us on the summer trail, which we're able to follow until we hit a trail made by ski touring folks heading up the mountain. This takes us the rest of the way down into Jenaz without problems.
Along the way Greg spots a least weasel (hermelin?) poking its head out of a hole in the snow. We end a few entertaining minutes watching the little guy pop up from one hole or another to check us out. Eventually he gets bored and stops coming up, so we head on.
Our arrival in Jenaz is perfectly timed to miss the train by ten minutes, so we pop into a gasthaus for hot beverages and to wait.

At times less than 100% pleasant conditions because of the cold and visibility but overall a nice day of snowshoeing.

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