Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another day on the Rigi: Rigi Hochflue

We did the Rigi at the end of last season, but here we did the other side.

The day started with an Andrea Special: after taking the train to Brunnen we more or less immediately climbed 750m, past Obertimpel, to the ridge above Schwand. From here it was up again to Gottertli to enjoy the view (unfortunately a bit too hazy for the full view). After heading down to Egg we continued on the blue-white path toward the Rigi Hochflue. This quickly turned into a really nice scrambling path with steep drop offs along one or both sides. Fun, if a bit angsty for Greg, until Greg managed to smack his knee pretty hard on a rock during one of the scrambly bits. This was enough to evaporate his confidence, so we turned back and headed back down to Egg. From there we went along the path to the G├Ątterlipass and then down the same trail to Goldau that we took last time.

Nice walk, too bad about the knee-whack.

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