Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend in Paris

We took the TGV to Paris on Friday morning and spent the weekend there with Gary, Sally and Lindley.
Some notes:
  1. The catacombs are closed due to vandalism. That sucks.
  2. The lines to get ice cream from Berthillon on the Ile de St. Louis are insane. The ice cream is good (the salty caramel was *damn* good), but still.
  3. L'As du Falafel is still great.
  4. Restaurant 1, Mon Vieil Ami: Good, but not very good.
  5. Restaurant 2, Itinéraires: We had a very good meal here.
  6. The Hôtel Devillas (4, boulevard Saint Marcel) was not expensive (Euro 90/night), but not great either.
  7. We really need to go spend a week in Paris in a rented flat and do the whole cooking from the outdoor markets thing.

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