Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walking Along the Rhine: Zurzach -> Laufenburg

According to the map and the info Andrea found online, the stretch from Kaiserstuhl to Zurzach is somewhat boring and mainly close to the road, so we just took the train. Followed the Rhine along to where it is joined by the Aare in Koblenz (where the path markings get kind of stupid), further along the newly enlarged river with a stop from lunch across from Waldshut. Further along the river to Schwaderloch where we head up into the wooded hills for a bit -- a nice change, plus it allows some Bärlauch collection -- before heading back down the river at Rheinsulz. The last bit was along the river to the very nice town of Laufenburg and a train back to Basel.

This was, for our normal standards, quite a long-distance day.

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