Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snowshoeing: Finnu -> Brischeru

We set out directly from the flat (~1420m) in Finnu. After a quick detour caused by a bad guess at an unmarked path split, we head off along the UNESCO trail towards Brischeru. Up a bit through the woods, past Chastler (1606m) (looks like another great place to stay in the winter) then more seriously up through the woods to Brischeru (2057m). Lunch while enjoying the amazing views (another great place to stay that's only reachable on foot), then up a bit more to the Bättchrixji (2171m) with a very nice view up the Rhone valley. Back along a ski-touring trail around the shoulder of the Gärsthorn and then back to Brischeru. Back to the flat along more or less the same route.

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