Monday, August 04, 2008

Four days in the Rätikon: Lindauerhütte -> St. Antönien

We manage another early start and start the day with a nice climb to the Drusator. There's bad weather forecasted for the afternoon, so we want to make a pretty quick day of it.

The path starts on grass, but pretty quickly turns steep and rocky. Quite rocky. We're both very happy that it's morning and we don't have to worry about the sun reflecting off the light-colored gravel back into our faces. Up, up we go into an increasingly rough and barren landscape until towards the top where everything is gray rock except for the old stone customs house, which is at least brown.
Through the gray rocks to the Drusator
At the Drusator itself (2342m) the pass wind is strong and the views are great. We head down a bit and across the slope towards the Sulzfluh until we reach the Carschinafurgga (2221) where we have a snack near the Carschinahütte and admire the great views of both the Drusenfluh and the Sulzfluh.

Continuing on, gently downwards through meadows to the Carschinasee (2180m) and the Bärgli (2137m), where we admire the plethora of avalanche fences on the Chüenihorn and then start downhill, unfortunately on the road. Luckily after a while the path deviates from the road and we can stay offroad until we get to St. Antönien (1420m), where we catch a bus and head back home.
Looking back towards the Sulzfluh

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