Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weissenstein -> Röti -> Oberdorf

The weather forecast called for sun today and that was a possibility we couldn't pass up. Andrea had done some research into winter hiking possibilities and identified a couple of relatively close possibilities that sounded good, so we chose one of those.

We took the train to Oberdorf and the chairlift up to Weissenstein. Then it was a tramp through the snow (along the Jurahohenweg) to Röti:

where we had an absolutely fabulous panorama view of the Jura:
and the Alps from Säntis to Mont Blanc.

There's a joke that God created the Jura so that we'd have a good place to view the Alps. I guess that's also proof of the fallibility of the divine, because while there's a beautiful view, it's to the South, so pictures are pretty much impossible. :-)

After tramping back to Weissenstein, we rented a sled and sledded back down to Oberdorf:
This was great, but it would have been even better if the last half of the ride down wasn't over very spotty snow.

To remember for the future: the two-day tour along the Jurahohenweg from Balsthal -> Weissenstein -> Grenchen is going to be a must do on some non-winter weekend when the Föhn is blowing.

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